Client: Maybell Group for end user NSW Government

Brewster Murray’s client required an ABW environment within 12,000 sqm of existing TfNSW accommodation located over four levels of the “Octagon” office building in Parramatta, NSW.

The building itself provided some unique challenges to the open flow required in an ABW space. Brewster Murray devised a wayfinding solution that connected the users and used the natural divisions within the building to create quiet, focus areas.

The concept is roads, creating connections. Therefore, a path or ribbon flows through the space creating a system to bring people together.

Bowermans and Maybell Group worked with Brewster Murray to provide workstation and a wrap around “butterly” screen prototypes to be trialled by TfNSW in the early concept stages for this project and we were awarded from the NSW Government a variety of worksatation types all of which were our electric sit to stand workstations. Also awarded Oki Doki breakout stools from Thinking Ergonomics.

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