GDK Joinery



The GDK Group is a multi-disciplined manufacturer of acoustic paneling, timber wall and ceiling panels and customised design finishes. Manufacturing from Sydney, Australia for over 30 years, GDK employs over 100 staff globally in our 100% vertically integrated manufacturing facilities. With in-house design, engineering, veneer and pressing plants, poly and spray plant, fully automated machining plant, assembly, delivery & site teams, GDK delivers unmatched market leading high detailed joinery solutions. Our ability to adapt to, accommodate and surpass new and developing challenges in the industry is the key factor in the success of each and every single one of our projects; whether it be national roll-out of joinery components and requirements, to centre-piece and strategic architectural deliverance in corporate fit-outs and architectural products, GDK delivers the highest levels of quality and service each and every time.